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Functional Breathwork

In addition to being a certified nutritional therapist, I am also a certified functional breathwork instructor and founder of Breath Therapy. Many health conditions are exacerbated by dysfunctional breathing patterns. Breathing too fast, too shallow, hyperventilating, overbreathing, or breathing in a way which affects the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide can be corrected through functional breathwork retraining. I am certified in Buteyko Breathing, which was originally developed for helping asthma patients improve their quality of life and decrease their reliance on daily medication. I work with clients with sleep conditions (snoring, apnoea), anxiety, depression, long-covid, respiratory issues, and more.

I often incorporate breathing techniques with my nutrition consultations where appropriate. However, if you are looking for more of a breathwork-centred approach, please visit my other website by clicking on the logo below.

I also teach weekly qigong (combining mindful movement with breath), breathwork, and meditation classes in Warwickshire. For a calendar of classes, visit

Please contact me with any questions.

Please visit my Breath Therapy website:

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