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Nutritional Therapy

Helping you achieve the best health outcomes possible through personalised nutrition advice, lifestyle modifications, functional testing, and supplementation. Some of the conditions I can help with include...

Alissa Powell, Certified Nutritional Therapist and Breath Work Instructor

Warwickshire, England

I am a BANT registered certified naturopathic nutritional therapist concerned with helping people achieve optimal health through individualised diet and lifestyle solutions.

Whether it’s for a specific reason, or just to help stay fit, healthy and confident, a nutritional therapist can be invaluable to anyone and everyone.

I can help you learn how to better support your health by creating a personalised nutrition programme designed specifically for you which will improve your overall well-being.

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What people are saying...

Alissa set the perfect ambience, tone and pace throughout our session together and fully met my breathing needs. I was able to reconnect to both my breath and body and I left the session feeling more relaxed than I’d felt in months.

LMBreath Work Client

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Alissa Powell Nutritional Therapy for helping with autoimmunity issues, in particular SLE Lupus. Alissa put together a very bespoke diet and nutritional plan for me, to help manage my Lupus, which I have lived and suffered with for the last 19 years. Some of the issues she was able to assist with were related to gut issues, joint pain and energy levels. Alissa produced a very simple and easy to follow plan, including supplementation recommendations that wouldn’t interact with my medications, as well as easy to make snack and meal ideas. She was very conscious about inflammatory foods and even provided a list of what I should stay away from. She proved to me that she understood my illness and the changes that have been implemented have since improved many of my symptoms.


I had my first breath work session with Alissa this week. We covered various techniques in the session and due to her calm, competent manner I felt that I was able to learn and get great benefits from an initial session.

CWBreath Work Client

Alissa provided the most bespoke and well thought-out nutritional plan earlier this year, focusing on my gut health and skin. She has helped transform my diet and lifestyle, starting with small, achievable steps and building up to greater changes. Her knowledge, nutritional advice and diet plans are truly invaluable and I couldn’t recommend her service enough.


Alissa tailored the perfect diet for me that was focussed on my gut health. The consultation was finely detailed with the perfect balance of lifestyle and nutritional advice. Alissa made me feel very comfortable and her knowledge was exceptional. I highly recommend!


Thank you so very much for such a beautiful, kind and helpful session. I can’t express how much your energy, empathy and caring way has inspired and helped me. I can’t wait to continue with you... and explore even further.


I can't thank Alissa enough for the help she's given me with improving my diet. I sought her advice to change my diet to help with anxiety and PMS, as well as to live a healthier lifestyle. Thanks to her recommendations, I feel fitter and healthier than ever. I haven't missed the foods she advised reducing, as the alternatives have been so delicious. My skin is clearer, I can run further and the anxiety is now at a much more manageable level. Thanks so much Alissa!


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